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New Start The Live EP

Songs written by ‘Yours Truly.’


“I’ve finally discovered that, the key to happiness, is to ‘give more, and expect less.’

In this instance, ‘less is more!’

New Start is a stripped down, raw and pure collection of work. Just the voice, guitar & piano.

Dedicated to the late Petrina Reyes.


AVAILABLE NOW on all Digital Outlets including CD Baby, Pandora, Itunes, and many more.


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About this EP :

New Start – The Live EP, is a dedication to my late aunt Petrina Reyes, who passed peacefully in March 2016. She was one of the key role-models in my life.

The year 2016 marks one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had to face. As the year comes to an end, the completion of this E.P., is a testament of great strength and will power that it took for me to overcome, the most traumatic moment in my life so far.

It marks a new journey for my career, having to step up and become the Strong Woman, that she inspired me to be. “Give more- and expect less” was one of the selfless ways that my aunt lived, which has been another great lesson in which I’ve had to reflect and adapt this year.

All I see and hear now are her words, “I’m so proud of you.” -which, in her final days, she told me every chance she had. A beautiful soul with a beautiful smile, aunty Petrina’s spirit lives on, in all whose lives she touched. Her love gives me the strength to carry on.

Love Always

Nikisha Reyes